28 November 2008

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Weekend Movie Pick

Screenshot of Kevin McCarthy from the trailer ...Image via WikipediaI love the original 1956 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I did watch the 1978 remake of the movie and even though I did enjoy it, there is something haunting and interesting about the black and white '56 film. It is a timeless story which is probably why they keep trying to do too many remakes.
The original movie was filmed in Sierra Madre a small little town just north of where I grew up and each year someone would faithfully put a couple of pods in the park as a reminder. I got a kick out of that stunt and the fact that someone either had pods from the movie or went to the trouble of making them. Each year, as well, someone would be there next to the pods taking photos and the most surprising thing of all is that no one would steal them. Ahh, the good ol' days. Well getting back to the movie, Dana Wynter and Kevin McCarthy are the actors who portray the main characters of the film and learn that the people in the town are acting strangely. The psychiratrist in town feels that this is a simple case of mass hysteria and there is nothing to worry about. I like that they added this element in the story. It is making us evaluate and ultimately judge for ourselves if this is a case of hysteria and delusion or there really is an invasion taking place. Even though the main characters figure out exactly how this transformation takes place, we are still left wondering, "Is this guy nuts or what?" The final line of the movie "They're here already! You're next!" as always stayed in my mind. It is so eery and so wonderful I am not sure if I will be a pod person or crazy. Anyway, it is worth watching and to make a marathon out of it you could watch the 1978 remake also.

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MarkJ said...

That is a classic, I think I will get that movie on DVD.

FlordeTJ said...

Did you grow up in Sierra Madre???
I lived in Pasadena for about 5 years, and let me tell ya, I had so much fun there. Beautiful area. Oh well, except in the fire season. LOL.

BTW, great movie pick.

Jigsaw said...

This is definitely a great film.I saw it years ago and this post will make me dig it out again.I thought they did a few different endings as well as the one you speak of didn't they? As it ended on a very bleak note!

Dr. Eva Maillot, MD said...

I watched the movie Sunday night because I read your blog and I always trust your weekend movie pick.
I gotta admit I was very pleased again. Great movie. Had a lot fun watching it.