01 May 2009

Would you like to have a microchip implanted in your head?

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I have been watching my Star Trek:DS9 DVDs from the beginning and enjoying them completely. They are so well made and fun to watch with a lot of color, interesting characters, and great stories. One thing that is taken for granted on the station is that everyone can communicate very easily even though DS9 is a crossroad, so to speak, and you have visitors from all sorts of worlds throughout two quadrants in the galaxy. Everyone has an implanted chip that is a universal translator and allows each person to talk with great ease. The amount of information and language data that needs to be input into those microchips would be astounding. In fact, when an unknown language is presented to the microchip, after a while, it can magically translate this previously unknown language. So, for a minute, let us consider this type of technology will be available to us in the future. Would you want such a device implanted in your head? Now add to this that the mirochip seems to analyze and make decisions on its own. This is reminiscent of Hal 9000 who never ever made a mistake yet began to make decisions that affected humans in a very fatal way. Or even more sinister, if a government could track your movements or even control your ability to earn and spend, would you still trust such an innocuous chip in your head? As it is, I feel uncomfortable with the RFID in my passport because all my data can be read within a certain number of meters, but I have strayed very far from the point which is that could I trust something that sounds so wonderful as a universal translator to be implanted in my body?
I love new technology and the improvements it can bring to our lives, but when people have not learned to live peacefully together on Earth, technology can become very dangerous. The Star Trek ideal of society is very appealing, and I like DS9 because it combines the Federation with other cultures that still trade or use currency, and how everyone tries to coexist.
Until we have reached that level of harmony, I think I will use my technology outside my body.
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Livingstrong said...

Well, yes and no. The way things are right now in the world, trying to control the masses etc, no, I wouldn't like to have a microchip implanted in MY HEAD, no matter the information it could provide to me.
Plus, I don't think that a microchip in my head would really help me to understand all the languages. They [scientists] would have to interconnect the microchip with the neurons and establish a neurotransmitter procedure between the computer and the brain, and frankly, I don't see that possible, at least not in my life time.

In the positive side, we have been using microchips in animals that actually have proven to be very useful in the return of lost pets. BUT there have been reports that have linked these microchips to fast malignant growing tumors in the pet with the implant.

Now, this is interesting, Mish. We are RIGHT NOW using microchips in humans, but they are not being implanted in the brain or under the skin, they are being ingested.How far are we going to go with this!?

"Microchips in pills could soon allow doctors to find out whether a patient has taken their medication.

The digestible sensors, just 1mm wide, would mean GPs and surgeons could monitor patients outside the hospital or surgery."

Mish said...

What an interesting comment, Livingstrong, Thank you.
The first link did not work but I read the entire second link and it is disturbing that tests on animals are revealing cancer tumors directly related to the Verichip, and yet, officials wish to push along the program as quickly as possible even denying any problem with the implant. I know some parents want to chip their children to keep track of them especially in abduction cases, but what would be the long term effects of having an implant in a child for so many years? Very interesting indeed because the uses could provide great assistance and comfort and at the the same time an invasion into personal details of ones life.

Bailey said...

Ingested microchips!!!???
Well it's about bloody time. Although I'd prefer a chip just shot straight into my brain, so they can tell if I leave work ten minutes early as well. Where do I get one of those?

StargateFan said...

Well, I don't want anyone to know I go to the local pub after work to have a few beers!

Bavaria said...

Brain microchips are already here. They have been experimenting with them since the 50's.
What is actually done in science labs is not always released to the public.

shanklinmike said...

"Brain microchips are already here. They have been experimenting
with them since the 50's. What is actually done in science labs is
not always released to the public."

And what you saw on Star Trek and read about in the pamphlet
from the Area 51 UFO abductee convention is not always true. But
maybe I should keep my foil helmet on, just in case.

Geeky said...

I just want to sustain my life in a healthy way not upload myself and live in a computer. I want to enhance my life, not hide away in a computer. IMHO