25 September 2009

Children of Men (2006)

I watched this fascinating movie last night that I had never heard of before nor the novel by the same name written be P.D. James in 1992 about a dystopian future set in the United Kingdom in the year 2027.
Women have been unable to have children for the past 18 years, and society faces less than a century to survive. There is societal collapse and terrorism and the UK is the last functioning government which becomes the destination for many immigrants legal and illegal alike who end up caged and to say they are mistreated is an understatement. The story revolves around one refugee who is inexplicably pregnant and is trying to reach a sanctuary where she will be protected and able to raise her child.
I have not read the novel so I do not know the detail the author put into explaining the cause of the infertility, why this one woman was able to conceive, and how this would change the course of events for the human race in terms of fertility.
Overall, I enjoyed the movie and especially in light of the current G20 meetings in Pittsburgh that have sparked riots, police brutality, heightened the fears some have that the swine flu vaccinations may cause sterilization, the overall civil unrest due to global bailouts of "too big to fail" financial institutions, and the simple fact that people are jobless, hungry, and desperate in many parts of the world. France recently dismantled an encampment of immigrants in a very brutal fashion which echoes to some degree events in the movie.
So this movie felt like a reflection of current events and a bit disturbing but well worth watching. Here is a clip from the movie.

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Livingstrong said...

This is a fascination movie indeed, Mish. And I concur. We are practically there. In my opinion, the new world order has already started long time ago with the G20, IMF, UN and all the banksters of the world that have been manipulating the world currencies and geopolitical problems, ALWAYS, to their advantage and personal gain.
I just hope that it's not to late and that things don't get out of hand so we don't end up like in the movie.
Sometimes I wonder how much reality there is in the science fiction movies/series...mmm...just wondering...would we be looking to a futuristic reality?

Harry said...

I agree with Livingstrong. However, the root cause of all these evils is one and only one thing - People believing in leaders (who turned out to be power hungry parasites).

Very few oppose fiat money, the reason? - they all enjoy 'benefits' of fiat money!

Sci-Fi Gene said...

I loved this film which is very British in character - the recurrent themes such as surveillance, social control, treatment of immigrants really does fit in with current affairs and politics. Also good use of real locations, and the Bexhill camp is a really horrific cinema creation. The self-styled Protector is basically another Cromwell, the only military dictator in the UK's history.

The book is OK although I preferred the film. It's an oddity - P.D. James mainly writes the excellent Adam Dalgleish whodunnits and has not written any other sci-fi.

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