30 March 2010

Up On the Roof!

I have blogged about science fiction from the medical point of view and how it is hard to watch some shows with my spouse and in-laws who happen to be doctors and sometimes roar with laughter at the medical mistakes made in the shows, sometimes I have to go to another room if I want to watch a show in peace! I mentioned I like the television show ER with all the mistakes, and I also adore Becker , which I am told is more medically accurate, and now I like Nurse Jackie as quirky as that show is, it makes me laugh. So why the title of my post? The last episode of Nurse Jackie I watched, she sang the song "Up on the Roof" to her daughter and I was so delighted by that because I had not heard that song in so long. It reminded me of how I get on the roof to use my telescope or binoculars to view the night sky in peace because it gives me the best view. Anyway, I took the long way around to say I love the song and I do get up on my roof to stargaze, and I like the new show Nurse Jackie (which I am told has loads of medical mistakes) but is very humorous.



This is one of my favorite songs. Especially with Carole King...ahhh, those times I spent on the roof of my house. I'll never forget those days!

Mish said...

Yes, her version is my favorite, more than James Taylor, what a great song indeed.