14 June 2010

The Aliens of Stargate Universe

I read an article in the LA Times a while back commenting on the aliens that appear in Stargate Universe stating just how alien they look being blue and all. I like how they are handling the show by first concentrating on character development and then introducing the aliens by use of the communication stones and the abduction of Dr. Rush. From the article:
Those who watched the first half of the first season of Syfy's "Stargate Universe" probably noticed something a bit different about the spacefaring series from most others -- no aliens.
Yes, Robert Carlyle's Dr. Rush and the rest are on an alien vessel, but (maybe due to their being in hyperspace a lot), had yet to face any external aliens besides a weird cloud of dust and a swarm of space bees. But that changes in this second half of the season, which launches Friday night. This crew, a mixture of a few military personnel and a lot of civilians, will have first contact with a very non-humanoid, non-friendly species.
"Universe" co-creators Robert Cooper and Brad Wright wanted to make sure they established the crew on Destiny and the challenges they'd face daily. With this careful character development, aliens did not play a huge part in it, but now that they're here, the "Stargate" folks want to make sure aliens are really ... alien.

I just love the show, it is dark, neo-survivalism, and an interesting mix of characters who have different skill sets and abilities for coping in extreme situations. I cannot wait for more!
HERE is a link to the article.
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