24 September 2010

The Ultimate Star Trek Voyage: A Trek to a Star Trek Urn

If you are a die hard fan of Star Trek (and I mean DIE hard fan), you can make final plans to travel to the great beyond in Star Trek fashion by having your ashes placed in a Star Trek themed urn. From Trek Today:

Star Trek fans who prefer to be cremated when their time comes can now have their ashes stored in a Star Trek themed urn.Eternal Image, Inc, a company who designs, manufactures and markets officially licensed memorial products, has announced the Star Trek urn, which will be available in two models.Officially licensed from CBS Consumer Products, two models will be offered: To Boldly Go and The Voyage Continues. The suggested retail price for an urn will be $799, and the urn should begin shipping on or around October 1, 2010.

Well, I was hoping the urn could then be hurled into space to continue on an eternal mission exploring strange new galaxies, etc., etc., but I guess that would cost extra! What will they think of next?

15 September 2010

The Enduring Love of Star Trek

Star Trek celebrates its 44 year anniversary this September with the original air date September 8, 1966, and it is incredible to think that the original series lasted a brief 3 seasons but the legacy continues today in the year 2010! Incredible! From Trek Today:
Forty-four years ago tonight,Star Trek was one of three shows airing at 8:30 on that Thursday night, and those tuning in saw. The Man Trap, a story about a strange creature who killed to obtain salt. Airing on NBC,Star Trek was up again ABC’s The Tammy Grimes Show, and the still-popular My Three Sons which was airing on CBS.
It’s hard to believe that a show which aired in 1966 would still be going strong today. Certainly, fans and others involved with it back in 1966 had no clue that it would last so long. “Nobody knew that Star Trek would be successful,” said William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk.

Well I, for one, am glad the show has endured and that Desilu Studios under the direction of Lucille Ball agreed to air the work of Gene Roddenberry back in the 1960s so that science fiction fans would have years of fun watching interesting shows and movies.

02 September 2010

The Food of Star Trek

I was inspired by a post at the website of Mike Brotherton about food and drinks in science fiction, but what I found to be most interesting is that there is a wiki page devoted to the beverages and food of Star Trek! Wow, I had no idea the list was so extensive, but after perusing the different species of all of the Star Trek series, I think I would most enjoy the food they eat on Vulcan. Here is a list of what might be on the menu:
I have always found Klingon food to be to undercooked for my liking and Ferengi food is just as raw and I am not really into insects:
Anyway, the list of food is fun and detailed and it is amazing that there are people who love Star Trek as much as I do that they would list all the food and drink that have appeared in the shows throughout the years!