20 February 2012

End of the World Movies Galore! (2012)

The past few years we have been awash with end of the world movies of all stripes and now that we have entered into the year 2012 many videos are covering this same subject. I try to watch all of the movies I can even if they appear to be stinkers in my opinion ( and this is due to the fact that I fell asleep during some movies) such as: Stonehenge Apocalypse, 2012, Titanic 2,  and the Chaos Experiment  to name a few. Some of the better movies that I have enjoyed are: Knowing, Blindness, The Andromeda Strain, The China Syndrome (wait, those last two are "oldies" but I love them!), and I even liked Volcano, I am not sure why but I did. These movies seem to be the hot ticket right now because some are fearful of December 2012 being the end of  the world according to the Mayan Calendar. By the way, I have been to the Mayan jungle in the Yucatan and visited the ruins and climbed the Chichen Itza pyramid before they closed it to the public, in fact, I was able to climb or go into many ruins back in the day when they were privately owned. Now that they are state owned you can only walk around the sites but well worth the visit, however, I digress. I like to look at things in a more practical manner and I found a video that is cool even though it is not considered science fiction and it presents some very interesting ideas. The video is entitled "There's No Tomorrow 2012" and I hope you enjoy watching it.
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Maurice Mitchell said...

This is pretty cool. I added it to this week's links list.

Mish Sci Fi Musings said...

Thank you for the link!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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