29 November 2012

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

I read an interesting interview with Catherine Hicks about her role in the Star Trek movie The Voyage Home which opened 26 years ago....26 years ago, Yikes, I remember going to the theater with friends and family in tow and it was a Star Trek movie the entire family enjoyed. I believe they enjoyed the movie because the majority of the time was spent on Earth in the past, it had to do with whales, and the character Dr. Gillian Taylor was such a fun, interesting, and relatable character for the non-Star Trek audience. The Trek fans had fun (well at least my friends and I did) with the idea of time travel, Spock regaining his Katra, and the fact that the crew was traveling in a Klingon Bird of Prey and all of the obstacles faced along their journey. I still enjoy the story and the acting and the good old fashioned special effects.
If you have never seen the movie or it has been a while, dust it off, gather friends/family, make some popcorn and enjoy a great movie!

Here is a LINK to the interview with Catherine Hicks and StarTrek.com.
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