03 November 2012

Star Trek Voyager

I just realised that I have not blogged in quite a while so the first thing that came to mind was Star Trek: Voyager because SyFy channel just started showing these episodes and I have not seen them in a while and enjoy watching as I cook and preserve my vegetables from the garden. On a side note, I preferred the name Sci Fi Channel and I do not understand the change in spelling, some people have a problem with Sci Fi and would rather science fiction be written out which would be the most proper thing to do, but in the computer age, words have been changed and distorted( along with people's attitudes and expectations, but that is another post!) Anyways, SyFy channel generally has a bunch of reality shows all day and that is the last thing I want:  more reality in my life, I want some fiction to escape reality for a moment in time, so I have been watching Voyager.
I laugh a lot with this show because it seems they forgot to install either seatbelts or better inertial dampers because the crew falls all over the bridge at the slightest bump, phaser shot, anomaly, etc. I also enjoy Neelix, he is funny, a Chef (a man afteer my own heart), and I loved him as a Ferengi in the episode that related to an episode from TNG in which two Ferengi became trapped in the Delta Quadrant after entering into an unstable wormhole. This is an interesting aspect of Star Trek in general, they more or less keep the storlines connected to each other throughout the different series. Back to Voyager, I like the idea that food preparation and conservation ia a prominent element on board, because that would be a true concern in space and is a real concern right here on Planet Earth. When I watch the show, it reminds me that food conservation and preparation is important because prices of everything are rising and I like to get the most out of everything I can, of course on board, their issue was not about money but simply the lack of food and energy but that can be related to real life circumstances. Overall, the show is interesting, I think it gets better with the character Seven of Nine but I do like Kes, and the show is well made with great stories, I just wanted to put my two cents out there about the show!
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Maurice Mitchell said...

Michelle, I think the hands-on feel of Voyager definitely made it more interesting. No replicators meant they had to find resources. Good points. Glad your back!