06 February 2013

Musings On The X-Files

Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 
Dana Scully
Dana Scully 

I do not believe I have blogged about the X-Files before this, but recently in my neck of the woods, they have been broadcasting
the series from the beginning and I just finished watching the final episode and I have to say I have really enjoyed the show! The ninth season did not have the character Fox Mulder and I did miss him but I did like the additional characters they chose but really, who could replace Mulder/Scully, I mean, that was the original premise: he was the believer in x-files and Scully was the skeptic, that was the contrast. However, I like the transformation of Scully into a believer and it did not seem too far fetched in the storyline.
Before StarGate-SG1, this series had the record for the longest running series on television and I think the stories remained fresh and interesting throughout its run. Every series has a hit or miss episode but overall I loved the series. I cannot believe I missed its original run but that is what happens when working and taking care of a family  exists in my life. Anyway, I now have the movie to watch and hope it is good!

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Maurice Mitchell said...

I loved this series Mish, but never got into the post-Mulder season. Fox\Mulder had such great chemistry. Ah the memories!

Mish Castro said...

I agree, Maurice, Mulder and Scully had great chemistry, they were great together.