17 March 2013

Another Earth

I just recently watched a movie entitled "Another Earth" made in 2011, and I enjoyed watching it quite a bit. I liked the movie because it was very much character oriented with the science fiction aspect always hanging around, so to speak. I love a good action packed science fiction movie but just as much I enjoy a quiet thoughtful science fiction show. This movie was a little dark in terms of the main character and the consequences actions can have on not only your own life but the lives of others and how you cope with those results. It really is an inner exploration of the self and what would you do if you could meet yourself or a version of you that had made different choices. The story left me thinking about would I have made different choices in my life, would this make me a different person, would I like that person? All in all, a movie well worth your time. Enjoy a clip here!

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Sisterly Brew said...

This was such a good movie. It really made you wonder about your "other self" out there. I understand why she made the decision in the end. Good little surprise ending as well. :)

Sisterly Brew said...

This was a very good movie. I really enjoyed the twist in the end. :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Wow. I've never heard of this film, but I'm going to look for it!