29 June 2013


I get around to watching science fiction movies such as Prometheus, just not in a timely fashion, but nevertheless, I do see and enjoy most of these new movies. I watched this particular movie the other day, without one clue as to what it was about, so I really went in  with an open mind. It was not until the very end of the movie I could see the connection between Alien and this movie, I drew the conclusion that these large alien beings created some form of bio weapon that with human tampering changed into this alien that started the Alien Franchise: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, etc. that we all know and love with Sigourney Weaver as the main character. The question was still left open as to why these alien giants wanted to return to Earth and destroy Humans, I assume, with this weapon after creating humanity so long ago? It was a shame there was no dialogue between the humans and this giant Alien but maybe that will be for part 2 because we do not know if all these giants were dead or not. I am big on trying to talk things out but this giant alien did not seem interested.  Well just some musings on an odd but interesting movie.

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